Our Mission

Driving Social Change

"Freedom means the supremacy of human rights everywhere." Franklin D. Roosevelt

Fund II Foundation makes grants to section 501(c)(3) public charities in five areas: 1) Preserving the cultural richness of the African-American experience for future generations 2) Safeguarding human dignity by giving voice to the voiceless and promoting human rights 3) Conserving the environment, promoting outdoor education, and providing the benefits of the great outdoors to people of all ages and backgrounds 4) Affording music education, particularly in primary and secondary schools, to nourish both talent and the soul 5) and sustaining the American values of entrepreneurship, empowerment, innovation and security.

Cultural Conservation: Preserving the African American Experience

Bringing to life the African-American experience for all people deepens our understanding of American history while inspiring future leaders. As Brent Leggs of the National Trust for Historic Preservation said, “Preservation contributes much to a forgetful or distracted society. It empowers black youth by revealing historical themes beside slavery, including entrepreneurship, civil rights, entertainment, sports, education, and political activism.”

Safeguarding Human Dignity: Counteracting Human Rights Injustices

Human rights know no borders. Trafficking, homelessness, and injustices in one country permeate and infiltrate even the most just societies. That is why Fund II Foundations seeks to counteract human rights violations wherever they happen – at home and abroad. We work from the bottom-up – through raising awareness, training, advocacy and legal support – and the top down – changing incentive structures, influencing money flows and impacting policies.

Environmental Conservation and Education that will Provide the Healing Experience of the Outdoors

We are dedicated to protecting the environment, increasing knowledge of nature, expanding access to parks, and connecting young people to beneficial outdoor activities. Research has shown that there are numerous psychological and physical benefits of bringing people closer to nature, for example:

  • Spending time outside raises levels of Vitamin D, helping protect children from future bone problems, heart disease, diabetes and other health issues (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2009)
  • Exposure to environment-based education significantly increases performance on critical thinking exams (Environmental Education Research, 2004)
  • Nature increases one’s kindness, enhances social interactions, and improves one’s value to his or her community and close relationships (Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 2009).
  • The Foundation seeks to fund projects that increase biodiversity. One of our key goals is to expose vulnerable and minority populations to the benefits of outdoor experiences. For example, research shows that outdoor programs for military veterans, which brings them to peaceful outdoor environments to support their physical, emotional, and spiritual rehabilitation, helps both veterans and their families to heal from traumatic experiences.

Music Education to Nourish Talent and the Soul

Captivating the interest of young people in music and the arts while providing them with a channel for self-expression offers them an alternative to the idle time and disconnectedness that can often lead to negative peer influence and crime. Studies abound on the benefits of music education for students, from increased achievement in all academic subjects to boosting critical thinking skills. Music education and practice also improves students’ patience, persistence, collaboration, creativity, and the application of math principles, as well as fosters their pride in, and reverence for, the music that has shaped our culture. The discipline, commitment and inspiration music provides are at risk as music education is often cut from public curricula or is cost prohibitive due to the expense of lessons and instruments. We invest in music education to nurture talent and create dreams – it’s a powerful way to inspire our young people to elevate their lives and reach their goals.

Sustaining American Values

Entrepreneurship, empowerment, innovation and security create the platform for all Americans to conceive and realize the American dream. We have harnessed technology to solve our most intractable problems, helped drive greater access to opportunity and information, and reignited the belief that with hard work and dedication, anyone can succeed. To sustain this momentum, and continue America’s leadership in the global knowledge economy, we seek to support programs that:

  • Bridge the digital divide by targeting technology training to vulnerable youth and veterans to help them find jobs. By 2020, there are estimated to be 1.4 million new jobs created in the technology field
  • Increase diversity in the STEM-based workforce
  • Raise awareness and build the thought leadership capacity to ensure sustainable policies and regulatory frameworks to continue America’s leadership in the technology revolution.