Monica Lugo

Office Manager

Monica, a native New Yorker, is driven by her curiosity, love of life, people and the Earth. She seeks to inspire harmony, bring clarity, and harness the best of each experience to bring it forth into the next. 

Monica holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, specializing in organizational management and employee engagement.  As a seasoned administrator, life coach and brain-based energy yoga instructor, Monica has helped local organizations and schools develop mindfulness practices that promote a culture of wellness, inclusivity and tolerance. She began her career as a sales agent at a tour agency specializing in large group travel to Africa, the Middle East and Europe. At a cultural NGO in Midtown Manhattan, Monica was responsible for writing and implementing employment policies, negotiating employee benefits, supervising staff and managing the use and refurbishment of a NYC landmark building.

 As a program manager for diversity and inclusion, Monica worked at an environmental engineering firm alongside Linda Wilson, managing an award-winning internship program and delivering staff development workshops. Most recently, Monica supported the executive team of a large not for profit human services agency on the Lower East Side and managed their US Citizenship program. These opportunities sharpened her organizational management skills and taught her the art of diplomacy and effective communication, all of which she plans to utilize in support of Fund II Foundation’s mission.

When not working, Monica loves to spend time in nature, cooking with her daughter, Olivia, watching movies, reading and playing with her yorkie, Cosmo.