Linda Wilson

Executive Director

Linda is the Executive Director of Fund II Foundation, which has several signature initiatives.  Restoration Retreat for black boys and girls, the Cradle to Greatness which tracks grantees as they ensure black and brown people move toward prosperity and happiness. is uniquely designed to match culturally aware companies with overlooked and underestimated students. Fund II is devoted to authentic collaborations, metrics off the chart and transformative scalability and sustainability.

A human rights activist and consultant for decades, Linda has worked with diverse groups of all ages, in education, engineering, government, media, politics, big business, not-for-profits, and grassroots. Tough conversations do not frighten her—working with police and returning citizens, city leaders and displaced residents, religious and cultural opponents, all to build bridges.

Before Fund II, she was diversity and inclusion vice president at a global engineering company, winning awards for its internship program. She worked with historically black universities, multicultural programs, and associations both devoted to and devoid of diversity.

Communication and collaboration are her passions; they represent love in action. As an ordained interfaith minister, she provides workshops to anyone who wants to improve their lives. She helps dying people and their families. She is one of Al Gore’s soldiers against climate change. She is a wife, mother of 3, grandmother of 5, and great grandmother of one.