Ivana Jackson

InternX Program Manager

Ivana Jackson joined Fund II Foundation (F2F) in 2018 as the internX Program Manager. She is responsible for the leadership, development, and implementation of the internX initiative. Ivana manages the recruitment of STEM students, builds strategic partnerships with corporations, collaborators, and other key stakeholders. She leads a team of engineers that provides the infrastructure and the support of the internX platform.

Prior to joining F2F, Ivana oversaw the Corporate Communications at Blue Skye Construction & Development, where she developed the company’s strategic communications plan, produced informational materials for stakeholders and wrote technical proposals.

Ivana has a passion for inspiring the next generation of leaders. She served as the American Graduate Project Manager & Education & Outreach Coordinator at WHUT Howard University Television. During her tenure, she trained and managed Howard University fellows to serve as mentors for at-risk youth in Washington, D.C. She also developed and maintained relationships with schools, community members, business stakeholders and local government officials.

Ivana Jackson is a board member of the IBBGives, a giving circle aimed to invest in projects and organizations servicing Black women and girls in the Omaha community. She is also a member of Colorcomm Inc.