Cradle to Greatness

Our annual Cradle to Greatness convening provides opportunity for our grantees and allies to collaborate on activities that have a significant impact on Black and Brown communities.

The Cradle to Greatness framework aligns our strategic grantmaking priorities with outcomes that prepare and propel generations of talent, ignites innovation, demands fair access, and accelerates the careers of young people often overlooked and underestimated.

Cradle to Greatness began as a quest for developing and mining our metropolitan black and brown youth, particularly in the technology field.  Fund II Foundation has brought together grantees and other organizations in service to this group of digital natives.  Through networking and collaboration gatherings, organizations shed their individual agendas and discover where they can combine efforts to have sustainable impact.

Fund II Foundation wants to see the culture of collaboration infused into all our grantees’ DNA. This annual collaboration gathering shares the task of imagining and implementing together and scales the results.

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