Application Process

How it Works: A Two-Step Process

How We Make Grants

Within each of Fund II Foundation’s five core giving areas, we collaborate with prospective grantees and partner with organization leaders to ensure that our strategic priorities align with the organization’s goals, scale and efficacy. We are most effective when we are working together with potential partners to achieve the shared impact we all desire; an important part of this process is reaching agreement on what success will look like for each investment.

First Step

Submit a Letter of Inquiry

Our consultants seek to identify organizations with objectives that support Fund II Foundation’s strategic priorities. Consultants may forward a letter of inquiry to a prospective grantee as a way to gain feedback that can be used to determine if the organization should complete a full-length proposal.  Alternatively, if you have carefully reviewed our mission statement and think that your organization’s mission is a fit with one or more of our five core focus areas, please click on the link below and complete the letter of inquiry.


***Please note that Fund II Foundation is not currently accepting new letters of inquiry.

Second Step

Submit a Grant Application

If your letter of inquiry has been approved, a consultant may reach out to you to move forward with our application process. Please be sure to follow the proposal guide that you have been given. While all sections are important, it is highly critical that the cover page, executive summary, program description and budget are correct. If a grant is awarded, those sections will be used as the basis for due diligence throughout the grant award period. During the grant review process, our finance and legal teams will be conducting their own due diligence based on those sections. After reviewing your letter of inquiry and/or grant application, we will notify you of our  decision in approximately 90 days.